10 Amazing Tips for Choosing a Domain for your Business

by George Lithoxoidis
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When you are starting a website for your business you need to choose a domain name. If you do not know what a domain name is, a very basic function of the domain name is to establish an address for your website like you would have (or do have) for your physical store such as the street address, number, city, etc.

But the domain name is more than just an Address to your website. It plays an important role in your marketing, identity as a brand, and credibility – so we suggest that it’s something you take time to choose and not just move on to buy one. Here are some domain name tips and tricks to help you make the best choice.

Find a Brandable and Rememberable Domain Name

Think of your domain name as the gateway to your business online. Since you wish to have customers coming in and buying or checking the products you want to “keep your door open”. In order to achieve this, you need to have a domain name that is easy to remember.

If your domain name is rememberable and it carries a strong brand name, it gives you higher chances of having customers coming back to you in the future.

We already know that it’s not easy to find a domain name that is Catchy, easy to Remember, and most importantly Brandable – this is something you have to insist on.

Have some creativity and give yourself time to choose and think this through – if you keep your mind the information mentioned above, you will come up with the best domain name for you and your business.

Easy to Spell and Pronounceable Domain Name

An easy name is indispensable for a great brand identity. It must be easy to spell and to pronounce.

Everyone hates having to say the name of that store or restaurant that almost no one knows how to pronounce. Not to mention when you can’t refer them to someone because the name is so hard that you can’t remember it. Stay out of that mess by choosing an easy name. Something like apple.com is easy to spell and to pronounce

Domain Name
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The best option for a domain name? Go after a .com!

The .com is the most common and most use domain name extension. Besides commonality, it is what the average internet user would consider as more reliable as a domain extension for a business online.

However, for traffic purposes and marketing objectives, you can consider buying all the extensions for your name, including .com, .net, .info, .biz, etc. For instance, Paypal holds both paypal.com and paypal.net.

Keep it Short

Although you could, it’s much better and more preferred not to get a domain like www.thisismynewonlinebusinessontheweb.com. Think how hard it would be for someone to remember that. It’s long as well in some cases it might not follow what we have discussed above.

Would it look good and cause an impact if written on a business card? Most likely not. And you would even have to deal with the fact that people might type it wrong, not reach you and give up. Let’s stop here because I think you get the point. Keep it short.

SEO-Friendly Domain Name

You might wonder what does SEO got to do with your domain name. But yes, your website’s domain name has a lot to do with your website’s SEO. Google, Bing, Yandex, and other important search engines do not leave the most vital information about your website.

What can you do about it? You should take advantage of this opportunity. Visit Google.com and make a search of something similar – then use this for your domain name. You can use specific keywords to specify your business and more broad ones to so you can relate to your business segment.

For example: You have a Bar located in Los Angeles, and it’s name is “Basement”. A very good example for a domain name would be Basementbarla.com Or you can use similar popular keywords that are relevant to your niche.

Think of your local customers

You need to think of where your website is located, as mentioned above if you are located as a Physical Business in Los Angeles – it’s a very good idea to incorporate that to your business domain name. There are different examples of businesses that use their physical address in their domain name – why not try it out?


Everything we mention here should be considered as advice. Only you as a business owner know what is specific and unique for your business. Your business is unique and important in my aspects and you can use those to bring your business to life in your domain name. Creativity is key in those cases.

It needs to be unique, for example essence.com that represents exactly what they are and what they do.

Check Your Social Media

Sometimes many businesses already have a Facebook or Instagram page set up – those links and handles can be used to form a similar or exactly the same domain name for your website.

If you do not have a Facebook page set up already, then you might want to check across social media any other successful pages and their tactics for a domain name and how similar it is to their handles.

Avoid Trademark Infringement

In 2020 there many brands out there – different names and locations – so before you go ahead and choose a domain name we would suggest you research if what you are creating is already used by someone else so there is no confusion over your identity.

Make sure there are no trademarks related to the name you chose (which is VERY important) . Another good thing to do is to check for similar domains and see if there won’t be any confusion related to businesses or website addresses.

Avoid making it hard to read

Not all domain names are easy to read. Some brand names might contain numbers, if it reads well you can incorporate those numbers to your domain name – but sometimes it might just not work. What you want to surely avoid is the extensive use of hyphens and special characters on your domain name. Numbers, hyphens and special characters will make your domain name hard to remember, read and sometimes type in. This will end up getting you to lose customers from coming to the website.

Our Offer to you – Buy A Domain Name for 4.99$ per year

If you do not have a domain name for your business, we want to give you a headstart. To all of our readers, we offer you the option to get any .com domain name available for 4.99$ (£2.99) per year.

In partnership with 123-reg.co.uk all GL Web Designs readers are able to get a brand new domain name for their website at a very low price.

The above text should be taken into consideration as advice to help you choose a domain name, unfortunately, there is no perfect guide on choosing one or the best option for choosing a domain name – those are advice we have gathered for you after working for some years with customers as well as things other content creators have tried and didn’t work.

Seeing what other people did and worked is something that can help you as well evolve in this field.

Do you think we missed something? Is there something you have a question about? Let us know in the comments below and let’s have a conversation together.

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