6 Easy Tips to Promote your Music Online

by George Lithoxoidis
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If you are a musician, a dj, or a band – then this is the best article to help you promote your music online and get followers to come along and listen to your songs. Here are some quick and easy tips on how to promote your music online.

In case you were not around, 2020 has been a crazy year so far – but apart from what happened, it has a lot to teach us. A global pandemic has made people use the internet for more practical reasons. Since this happened a lot of businesses have converted their physical presence with a website so they can connect with their customers as well as sell their products and services.

Even with the internet on your side, it can become very hard for you to reach out to new followers and quite overwhelming when you are doing it all by yourself. But difficulties are to be overcome so we have created a smart guide for you to get started and reach your goals easier with a small push from us.

We have some of the best places for you to go and reach out to new followers. Start from here:

Create Your Music Website to Promote your Music Online

Promote your Music online

Your online presence should start with a well-designed professional website.

If you wish to be taken seriously a professional website is exactly what you need to get your artistry out there, so your website will be the foundation to get your name out there to the world to new followers and why not producers.

A new website shouldn’t have to cost a lot of money – but you do need to invest some time in order to achieve the best results. Because promoting your music online might end up being more expensive if you do not make the right moves when you start.

We have 2 solutions for you. Very easy ones to help you achieve your ultimate goal which is to reach out to new

Promote your Music Online with Fast Web Hosting

If you are looking at making a website, fast hosting is what you need to have, so your website can load faster across multiple locations as well as get that amazing new design to those that already follow you.

Hosting for your Music Website with 123-Reg.co.uk

123-Reg.co.uk is offering you fast, reliable, and cheap shared hosting to help you start your own WordPress website within a few hours. With their Essentials plan, you can create your own Music website with a 10GB web space with a total cost of 2.50£ (around 3.12 USD$) per month you can easily create your own website simply. As well you can create your own email account for your website like info@mywebsite.com all at the same price.

SITE123 Music for your Music Website

If you think that you do not have the time to make your own website using something like WordPress, or you believe that you lack the necessary that start your own custom website, SITE123 Music has the solution for you. Using their premade web solutions and integrations you can have your own website created in under an hour. Just select the templates that work best for your Music Website and you can then add your images, texts, and videos as well your music that you can sell online. Also, SITE123 can offer you 24/7 live customer support completely free of charge, so you can have someone next to you if you feel that you cannot make something on your own.

Create Your Music Youtube Channel

Youtube is currently the largest video sharing platform around the globe, with millions of users across all countries and continents. Thousands of videos are being watched daily on Youtube, it would be bad not to take advantage of this large platform with a lot of potential for your artistry. Many artists have been discovered via Youtube like The Weeknd, Troy Sivan, Ed Sheeran, The Blaze and many more.

Copy what they did and create your own Youtube Channel within literally minutes, upload your high quality videos and you are done. Youtube will make it easy for your new fans to find you as their algorithm will connect you to them to come and watch your videos and listen to your music. Your music might end up in the Trending board of Youtube which means that even more people can listen your music, those that might not like this style and who knows, you might end up being their favorite.

Promote your Shows

If you are just starting out with music or you have been around for some time now, one of the most important things you need to do apart from promoting your music online to your followers is to as well promote your shows and they should both be top priority.

Start with a well-made, professional-looking website you can sell your music and merch from, and work your way up through some of the most popular and influential music streaming platforms online. We can’t guarantee you’ll reach global stardom, but you’re bound to build a strong fan base that will make all of your efforts worthwhile.

Host Your Music on Streaming Platforms

Streaming platforms are currently the most used apps to listen to music on the road, while working out and for many other occasions. Platforms like Spotify have various artists from different genres of music that release their tracks on Spotify. Other apps like iTunes are also an amazing option for you to add your music there and reach out to an even wider range of possible followers.

In the digital era, promoting music hasn’t been simpler, streaming apps do the job for you, as their algorithm will connect your music to relevant listeners and make them followers of your tracklist. Those followers can end up buying your merch or even follow you on a live show.

Add Your Music to Last.fm

We cannot suggest this highly enough. Last.fm has been around since 2003 and has since then served millions of followers. his platform brings your favorite music services altogether. Combining listening, watching, and sharing, the platform’s goal is to bring people closer to their music.

Your music will be automatically grouped with other similar music and music from the same genre. Thanks to the advanced algorithms that customize the playlists to the user’s personal preference, your music is surely going to be heard by your target audience. Last.fm also allows you to sell tracks, promote events, and get featured in their blog posts.

Make Lives Shows on Social Media to connect with your Followers

Many artists are wondering how they can connect with their followers at any point in time. This is where social media comes in, make your own Facebook Page, and start hosting live music sessions with your followers.

Playing your music for free, for your followers will enable them to get to know your band better and share your music with their friends. Facebook and Instagram live are both powerful tools that you can use completely free of charge with a click on a button (literally). Your social media strategy is a much vital part of keeping your artistry known and followers/listeners devoted to your music.

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