What is Domain Name Privacy and should I have it?

by George Lithoxoidis
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When someone asks me if they need domain name privacy I say Yes! You should totally go for it as you should want your personal or business information protected from possible Scams, Physing Attempts and any of those bad things that can happen online. But let’s break it down together.

What is a domain name privacy?

Domain Name Privacy is the process of adding a mask of information to those trying to find who owns a domain name or the personal or even business details of a person online using public Who.Is registry information.

The domain name provider which you chose to buy and register your domain name from usually offers this service to you, which can be called Domain Name Privacy or Whois Privacy at a cost varying from 10-20$ per year, which is given in addition to the amount of money you will give to the provider to keep the domain name registered and active for you keeping your website and online business live.

What is Who.Is

Who.is is an online tool offered completely free of charge by different domain name providers and companies and it’s used as a DNS scan tool, or IP tool so one can be able to validate their DNS connection or even double-check on what is shown live for their domain name.

There are attempts by some, where they use Who.Is tools in order to scan information over a domain name and track down the owner or registry of the domain name for a counteroffer over their domain name.

Who.is is public, live, and accessible to anyone who knows what it is. For that reason, a potential buyer, person interested in the business, or working with the business can go and run a scan of the domain’s DNS and IP address as well the history of the domain name for their own reasons. Thankfully, Who.Is can be very useful in solving connections and a lot of technical issues when it comes to connecting websites, emails, etc faster than any other tool without actually running tests to see what is wrong.

Do you really need to have Domain Name Privacy?

The quick answer is always Yes, You should totally go for and buy domain name privacy for your domain name. Especially if you are an individual running a personal blog on a small or large scale then you should have Domain Name Privacy on your registered domain name.

As an individual running your small store, or blog you do not want to be disturbed with people interested in buying your domain name or even trying to scam you with emails or calls that you do not need on your daily life and they can interrupt with your regular workflow as well your personal home address being seen by anyone online. This should also apply if you are a personal business owner without a regular physical location, for example, a plumber that is getting Call Appointments or even being booked by their website or social media for daily gigs.

If you on the other hand are a Business with a physical location, and a regular business number and email, there shouldn’t be an issue using that information when registering your domain name or bringing your information in the public domain. You can when registering your domain name set your domain name to have your store’s physical address and store phone number and email instead of your personal one. We do as well suggest to be careful as you might end up receiving possible Scams and Phishing attempts on your email. But since it’s not your home or personal information it shouldn’t be that much of a “big deal”.

How much should Domain Name Privacy Cost?

A low-cost Domain Name Privacy shouldn’t have much of a difference from an expensive one. Fortunately, domain name providers value their domain name privacy on their own, so you can find a domain name provider that will give you domain name privacy starting from 1$USD and up to 20$ USD per year. Pricing can vary, so you can check the pricing of the domain name privacy when checking out for a domain name, if you think it’s too expensive, try another provider and see if the pricing fits you there better.

You can use Domain.com and get domain name privacy for your domain name starting from 8$ USD per year. (sponsored)

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Should Domain Name Privacy be free?

Like the domain name registration, Domain Name Privacy is a service provided by a company to an individual or a business. Getting domain name privacy completely free of charge is surely a deal and a dream come true, but there are domain name providers and website builders that wish to keep their customers happy, so they decide to provide domain name privacy completely free of charge for their own customers.

This means that as long as you are a customer of theirs, you will get domain name privacy completely free of charge – but in general it should be good to pay for a service you are being provided, that especially protects you from Scams and possible issues that will come up when your personal information is shared online.

But as long as the price is within a resonable amount, it should be fine to go and buy domain name privacy if you believe you need it to protect yourself. There are providers that offer Domain Name Privacy at a very high rate, but since it’s an open market you can decide if you wish to go for them or another provider. Make your research and decice what and who you wish to choose and for the reasons you have for them.

Are there domains that come with Domain Name Privacy by default?

Yes, some domain names especially Country Level Domain Names (for example: .gr, .eu, .co.uk, .co.il etc) by default offer Domain Name Privacy directly from the registry they are being issued.

Due to local regulations those domain name extensions that are isssued from a national registry (Nominet for the .UK extensions, EuRid for the .eu extension, EETT for .gr extentions etc) offer privacy to those who register domain names with those extensions by default. So to those domain name privacy cannot be implemented or bought extra by any provider. Some information might still be visible but this applies to regulation so even the domain name provider cannot do something about it or try to offer a solution for that.

Are there domains that cannot have Domain Name Privacy?

Yes, there is a long list of Top Level Domains (TLDs) and Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) that cannot have domain name protection by default as it’s not applied to them for many reasons. This can be either local legislation that has domain name privacy for those domain names, or legislation that prevents domain name providers from adding who.is privacy for any reason.

We have found a long list of domain names that cannot have domain name privacy which you can find here.


Domain Name Privacy is indeed very important – it’s something that you especially need when you are an individual working on a website and you wish to prevent yourself from possible scams but you will as well need it if you are a small business owner without a physical location. Surely your physical location shouldn’t be the main starting point if you should have domain name privacy.

Search the market, see how much things cost you to buy them and if you wish to buy them afterall. You have the power to decide where you wish your money to go.

Comment down below, was this helpful for you? Do you have any questions about what we have talked about? Did this article answer questions you had? We would like to hear from you and connect with you!

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