Why you should set up Google Analytics on your website

by George Lithoxoidis
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  1. Cost
  2. Ease of Set-Up
  3. Ease of Use (for Tech-Savvy / New Users)
  4. Remarketing (Long-Term)
  5. Cost

    Since you have already spent from 300$ to any amount to make your brand new website and get it online, we surely know that every penny you spend counts. Keeping that in mind, you wish to save up on some cash and use them in another area and make different use of them.

    Keeping this in mind, Google Analytics is offered to you 100% FREE of charge (like seriously, it’s completely free) and you can use it for free for as long as you wish!
    Google is offering you this dynamic tool without any costs on you. In this case free doesn’t mean that, it’s a trial, it’s faulty, it doesn’t work or any of that. Since the day it was created Google Analytics has been offered for free to all of its users.

    Click here to go and make yourself an account for free

    Ease of Set-Up

    Google Analytics offers you a very small script that you can add on the <head> of the website, what does this mean? Simple, the head of the website is what every single page of your website has, this means that you are able to use this part of the website in order to showcase something all ALL of the website, now Google Analytics is added there but it works in the background.

    If you have made a website using WordPress you can easily add it via the Theme Editor or a Plugin (like the Header Footer Code Manager), now if you have made a website using a Website Editor/Builder (like Wix, Weebly, SITE123, Squarespace etc) you can follow your provider’s guide or ask their support team on how to add it using a designated app or feature that they have for you to add it easier without editing any code.


    Ease of Use

    Google Analytics is super simple to use! Once you login (after you do your first set up) you have access to your Google Analytics Panel

    From there on, you are able to easily check out your reports and understand what is happening with your website and how visitors come and go (NOTE: Google Analytics will showcase information for your visitors once you add it and start having traffic on your website)

    What do you see?

    • Your audience in time
    • Your audience/visitors in Real-Time (as they navigate around the website)
    • The location of the visitors
    • The pages they visit
    • And many more

    The ones mentioned above are just some of the things you can see when coming into Google Analytics for the very first time, as your website and business grows you should go and familiarize yourself more with its features and what it has to offer.


    Before you dive in deeper into what is remarketing and how it works, what is important to understand is that Google Analytics works with different features/products that Google offers you to run your business more efficiently. In this part we would like to let you know that Google Analytics works amazingly with Google Adwords that you can use at a later stage to promote your website on Google and other networks.

    Why does it help you with remarketing?

    Think of your remarketing audience like a pool, when visitors come in and stay in your website join this pool. Now in remarketing is Google knowing your current visitors and their general interests on the web, and helping you remarket back to them with new and similar cold audiences that do not know what you offer or sell. This can help you increase your sales and bring new customers to buy your product or book your services. 

    This audience pool is highly needed from the smallest of marketing campaigns as you want similar like your current customers to come and buy your products. 


    Google Analytics is one of the best (if not the best) choices for your website. It’s completely free to use for as long as you wish (without any need to pay later for anything). It’s easy to use and navigate as well as easy to understand as your website and business grow. Google Analytics can come handy in the long term if you are interested in bringing new customers that have similar interests with your existing ones so you can grow your sales. 

    Click here to go and make yourself an account for free

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